Testing Turnitin

I had a question at a demonstration of turnitin about blog posts and ‘self’ plagiarism.  The essential aspect of the question concerned the impact of students sharing their thoughts via social media prior to submitting it for assessment through Turnitin.  So I set about testing things.

I managed to get a score of 100% on a submission based on a previous blog post, but how quickly would a newer post cause a high text match. The text below is my ‘patchwriting’ example (Howard 1995) which scores around 50%.


The study of games is sometimes termed ludology in reference to the Latin term ‘ludus’ meaning “game”.

<Truncated because I don’t want it in the database.>

I’ve been testing this against a few variations of Turnitin settings (Default settings, Bibliography excluded, Quoted Material Excluded, Exclude Small Matches (5 words), Exclude Small Matches (5%)).  This is partly to see how the settings work but mostly to provide examples for reference when academics are setting up assessment.

Howard, R. (1995). Plagiarisms, authorships, and the academic death penalty. College English, 57(7), 788–806. Retrieved from http://surface.syr.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1002&context=wp

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