Moodle Interactive Tools Guide

The original Moodle Tool Guide was developed by Joyce Seitzinger.  We (Sherry, Dave and myself) redeveloped it as a Moodle Lesson (which will be available here soon).  But I also felt that it should be available in HTML form to make it more accessible.

At the moment, it’s hosted in my dropbox so I can make changes easily.  Eventually, I hope to have it hosted somewhere and downloadable in many formats.

Moodle Interactive Tools Guide

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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6 Responses to Moodle Interactive Tools Guide

  1. I think I would rather see a one or two page flow chart to eliminate the clicking and stepping through. Or maybe both methods of display for use in different environments!

    • Alison says:

      I’ve been thinking of other ways of presenting this, and yes, a flow chart of the part of the decision tree at each point could be useful. The effect of the decision tree is that you must make a decision at each point which takes you to a different page.

      Stay tuned for developments.

  2. Jasmin Hodge says:

    Thank you!

    I think this is great, and could maybe be made more visual by linking to video’s and help guides already created within institutions that staff are already familiar with – including links to examples already within their own Moodle sites.

  3. frank fucile says:

    Hello all

    as I was clicking through the guide it occurred to me that this could also be converted to a “Lesson” then it could be included in a Moodle course so that instructors/designers could refer to it as they worked through the design/development process


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