The knowingness of lately

This phrase popped into my head while I was writing the about page, just trying to get my head into the space for the project.

What do I mean by knowingness of lately? The free dictionary suggests one possible definition for knowingness which is:  Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding.  Well, that term fits.  We want to know how people come to possess knowledge, information or understanding (although defining understanding itself is sometimes problematic as it is often unmeasurable).

So the problems of keeping up to date, of coming to possess knowledge, information or understanding are central to our project.  How do people do this? Given the expansion of information, the fragmentation (Rowland, 2006) of knowledge, how can any one of us, or even a team, keep up to date.  And that’s the lately part.

So the knowingness of lately refers to the ever shifting processes we need to keep up to date.

(How does this differ from the ‘knowingness of now’?)


Reference: Rowland, S., 2006, The Enquiring University: Compliance and Contestation in Higher Education, Berkshire: Open University Press

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